We're updating our Customer Charter

Our Customer Charter is a document that sets out your rights as a customer and our obligations to you. We've recently updated it to ensure we meet new industry standards. We want you to be satisfied with the services we provide, so we have a number of key service levels for typical customers that we aim to meet or exceed.

We'd love you to help us by providing your input on the updated Customer Charter, and by telling us how we can best communicate with customers about future updates.

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To ensure we’re meeting your expectations and new industry standards we’re introducing some improvements to our Customer Charter:

  • We've developed an easy-to-understand summary charter that outlines the rights and service levels for our urban and rural customers. It's a quick and simple way for you to understand your rights.
  • We want to know how you prefer to get in touch with us so we can make sure you have access to all the information you need at the right time.
  • We want to be proactive and help our customers when they may be finding it difficult to pay. We'll provide easier access to customer support options that are best suited to individual circumstances.
  • Our Customer Relations Team are specially trained to help you identify the best support available. Once it's in place, they'll ensure you’re protected against water supply restrictions and debt recovery action.

Want to read all the changes? Download the Customer Charter Summary booklet.

The above improvements to our Customer Charter will be effective from 1 March 2023 with new service standards from 1 July 2023.

Before you provide your feedback, download and read our draft Customer Charter Summary booklet. It outlines your rights as a customer and our obligations to you.

Need more information or hep? Contact our team via email at engagement@wannonwater.com.au or phone 1300 926 666

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  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Customer Charter - Feedback opens

    25 January 2023

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Customer Charter - Feedback closes

    8 February 2023

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    Customer Charter 2023 - Becomes effective

    1 March 2023