We provide portable drinking water refill stations, dispensers, recyclable paper cups and a water trailer for eligible community events as a zero-cost alternative to purchasing bottled water.

We invite community groups to apply at any time throughout the year to borrow:

  • Thirst Aid Coolers
  • Thirst Aid Point
  • Thirst Aid Station

We can also supply recyclable paper cups where appropriate.

Applications for coolers and points must be submitted at least four weeks prior to your event date.

Please allow for at least eight weeks' notice if you are applying for the Thirst Aid Station.

Strategic focus

We support community events and initiatives, with priority given to community-based, not-for-profit organisations throughout our service region.

We believe it’s important they make a significant and positive change within our local community. Therefore, applications for event support must align with (but are not limited to) at least one of our key strategic community focus areas:

Initiatives that will build capacity with a focus on leadership, engagement, partnership, strategy and advocacy e.g. field days, leadership forums.

Initiatives that will promote access to quality education, training and volunteering pathways e.g. school fetes.

Initiatives that will enhance public health and physical and mental wellbeing e.g. sporting groups, fun runs.

Initiatives that promote healthy and sustainable ecosystems e.g. tree planting days.

Want to apply?

To apply, please read our guidelines and submit an application form via the 'apply now' button below.

Our capacity to support events is limited. Each year we receive a large number of applications, and although they may meet our guidelines, we may be unable to support all requests.

Water for Events

Applications now open