Listening to our community

From the South Australian border to the Otways. From the Grampians to the coast. Our services take care of more than 30 communities, including residents, farmers, businesses and industries. It’s our responsibility to supply you with fresh water, from source to tap, and manage sewage to protect your health and wellbeing.

We're out and about across our region every year, giving you the opportunity to provide their feedback and chat about our services in person.

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What we heard

This year, we set new goals for the 2023-2028 period to deliver better value to our customers while maintaining our service levels:

Our team has been all over the region!

We’ve wrapped our community roadshow for 2023 with 500-plus people sharing their thoughts with us in the towns we visited.
Some of the key themes we heard from people and the areas they’d like us to focus on in future:

📍 Penshurst - Water quality (including taste, sediment in the old pipes, colour and hardness), our responsiveness and how quickly we resolve issues.

📍 Port Campbell – Sustainability and ways to be more environmentally friendly, our reliability and customer support.

📍 Mortlake – Customer support and cheaper bills. They also had questions about the cloudy water at the end of a pipeline due to a recent flushing - running a tap for a few minutes will clear it.

📍 Terang – Customer support, environmental sustainability and reliability of services.

📍 Simpson – Water reliability, customer support, value for money and sustainability to provide for future generations.

📍 Balmoral – Taste and reliable services. Our water quality team also got a mention as they were seen doing regular water sampling close by.

📍 Macarthur - Our reliability, our influential role in the community, customer support and cheaper bills.

📍 Portland – Sustainability goals, our responsiveness, customer support, and reliability.

📍 Noorat – Sustainability, the reliability of our services, and being supportive and responsive.

📍 Casterton - Protecting the environment and investing in sustainable outcomes.

📍 Warrnambool - Reliable services, ongoing protection of the environment and reasonable and fair bills for all.

Each year, we hear from thousands of customers across the region about our services, their priorities and aspirations.

We closely monitor feedback allowing us to:

  • Seek ways to improve our services
  • Inform key business decisions
  • Look at trends so we can adapt to your needs.

Your feedback is regularly considered by our Board, helping with annual and long-term planning.